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Nicola Neal is an international Spirit Medium, based in Crewe, Cheshire, UK.
A natural-born psychic and medium, she has worked professionally with Spirit for over 15 years,
offering appointments in person and via Zoom
for psychic readings, mediumship sittings and most recently, spiritual assessments. 

...I believe that everything happens for a reason,
even if at times we only see why when looking back."

So, with this in mind, know that you have been guided here by a Higher Power,
just as the water naturally finds it ways through the rocks, you have found your way here.

"As my primary way of connecting with Spirit is through clear feeling,
I connect with Spirit and my clients through the heart and soul.
I feel blessed that my souls calling has led you to me."

Nicola has had the opportunity of working with outstanding tutors throughout her life
and is now teaching and demonstrating both privately and through Fox Pioneer Centre,
passing on her love of working with the magic of Spirit onto the working Mediums of tomorrow.

Nicola follows a vegan lifestyle, is a big supporter of helping end homelessness
and believes in creating a space for all to feel truly welcomed, safe, valued and respected. 

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